Meet Ups

As part of Able Community‘s initiative to start a social club, we are focusing on creating a community that meets regularly, for lunch, dinner, and social outings (before we get a building for the housing cooperative). Basically, we’re emphasizing building the community part of Able Community first.

Able Community meet up flyer

We know that there are organizations offering similar services, like special recreation programs. But they charge a fee for their services and we are not planning to. We do not have resources to provide transportation or personal care at this time, unless we find volunteers. The major difference from the other services is that we will empower the people participating to be a part of the planning process without any restrictions. We also encourage people without disabilities to join. Our target population: mature adults looking for good food, conversations, and community.


Current Meet Up Plans:

If you are interested in any of the below meet ups, contact Esther at to RSVP or for more information.

It seemed like we were not getting good attendance in the summer months, so we’re going to try quarterly meet-ups instead of monthly.
  • Anyone interested in having a holiday party at my friend’s place in Glen Ellyn. either this month or next? We could all pitch in for food and watch movies. If I don’t hear from enough people, we might not do it.

After that, we’ll take time off for the winter and plan another event in the spring. I realize that the holidays are a busy season, so if I don’t hear from anyone with scheduling suggestions for our holiday party, we will just plan to meet in the spring.

Happy holidays. Esther and Able Community

Anyone interested in attending the following events together?

Come out and enjoy the fun with Able Community! This is a group picture from Able Community's 2015 BBQ

Come out and enjoy the fun with Able Community! This is a group picture from Able Community’s 2015 BBQ